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I Love my AT&T Store.

So this morning, after 3 weeks… I received yet another anonymous text message from some person looking for some guy named Dave. It started a while back. My husband and I were watching House, and I was getting phone calls from this dude who sounded like he was stoned saying, “Eh… is Dave there?”

The problem is, I know several guys named Dave, and in an emergency situation, I could see one of them giving a stoner my phone number if he had no one else to turn to, so I always asked, “Which Dave, I know two and none of them live with me.” Stoner Dude (not his real name), hung up after saying, “Well it was his number this morning. Aww man!” After three days of this, I finally managed to convince Stoner Dude that this was not his phone number, and that he was going to have to come up with another way to get in touch with his friend.… [Read More]

Honda Chick

So, my husband finally replaced his old beat up volkswagen rabbit convertible (otherwise known as a cabriolet that is the same age as my little brother, who is now of legal age to consume alcohol).

It all started on his birthday. On his birthday, he picked up our son from school and stopped at the mail box to get the mail. When he got back in the car, it wouldn’t start. He and my son had to push the car the rest of the way up the street and into the garage. Little did I know at the time that this was the beginning of the end.

The car has died like this on numerous occasions, so many that I became nervous about taking the vehicle out for family trips in the summer (which is kinda the whole point of owning a convertible anyway, isn’t it?). One time, a county sheriff had to push the car out of one of the busiest intersections in town, into a grocery store parking lot, and I had to go pick up my hubby and take him home.… [Read More]

“Play with your damn kids!”

Adam Sessler has a message for all you parents out there that have kids that video game. Sit down with your kids and play with them!

This is something I’ve been advocating for years. If you’re kids are doing something, you’ve got to get involved so that you can understand it when they talk about it at dinner, and also to make yourself aware of the kinds of things that they are doing when your back is turned. With video games, you can’t know for sure what they’re playing until you’ve watched them do it. I’m not saying you have to pick up a controller and beat Final Fantasy XII. I am saying that you should spend some time watching your kid beat Final Fantasy XII and ask them questions about the game, find out why they think it’s fun and see the game in action to make sure that it meets your standards.… [Read More]