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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

I finally beat it! I finally beat it!

After months of waging battle in Tartarus and waiting to max out all my levels and social links, I finally beat the game!

I’m so excited! Of course, that only removes one title from my fairly lengthy backlog. Especially since the hubby keeps adding things to the pile, but it feels good to have one out of the way. I can now pass this game on to the kids and start up the next great thing, which looks like it will probably be Xenosaga III.

The current video game pile is thus:
Xenosaga 3 (ps2)
.hack\\GU 4 (ps2)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations (DS)
Rogue Galaxy (ps2)
Final Fantasy XII (ps2)
Enchanted Arms (ps3)
Folklore (ps3)
Ninja Gaiden Sigma (ps3)

I still haven’t finished DDS, and may never get around to it. That last boss battle seriously keeps kicking my butt, thankfully it’s only the last boss battle that’s holding me back in DDS.… [Read More]

It begins.

Oh the bad, bad thing that I have started this morning.

Today, I downloaded my first song from iTunes. I know that this is the start of an ongoing trend. Periodically, I’ll get songs stuck in my head, and on a whim I’ll go download them. It’s far too easy to do. I just have a certain amount of guilt over the particular song I chose to download today. It was a pop song, I mean come on… what was I thinking?

Watch the video on youtube, and feel free to laugh.

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield.[Read More]

Ipod Swag!

I’ve had my iPod for nearly a month and in that month I’ve managed to get my hands on some iPod swag that I deem to be essential for all iPod owners. So for all you iPod fans out there, here it is, the post of all that is essential in the world of iPod Swag!

1. Belkin Clear Acrylic Case, for 2nd Gen iPod Nano.
This thing is the bomb! The first thing I did with my iPod nano the day after I got it, was drop it on the ground. I was so upset because now it has a scratch in the aluminum finish. The beauty part about these Belkin cases is that the front of them is colored to coordinate to your nano (or you can mix and match if you want), but this colored front hides any damage already on the front of your iPod.
Pros: It has a click wheel protector that does not reduce the sensitivity of the click wheel, hard screen protector for the color screen on the nano and a carabiner clip that you can actually rely on to keep your iPod firmly attached to your belt loop, or in my case, to my purse.… [Read More]

Summer Projects

refinishedtable It all began with this table. It looked like crap. It had gouges in it, at one point, my son had written his name in the table… it had to either be scrapped or refinished. My husband and I agreed that we still loved the table, so refinishing was the option I went with. I completed summer project number 1 last week.
refinishedchair Of course, when I was done with that, the table didn’t match the chairs anymore, and the chairs had to be reupholstered and refinished to match the table.
primeddragon And when I got done with that, I was bored… so I started painting the largest miniature I have ever painted. I have the primer on, and just finished putting on the first coat of red last night. I’ll post pics of that later.
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