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Say what you will about Best Buy…

… I have my laptop back. I called them on Sunday and I got the part today, within their promised 3-6 days for part replacement and my laptop is running fine again!

I’ve asked my husband to install a surge protector in the kitchen counter, where I spend most of my time with my laptop, and I think this will solve all of my laptop woes for quite some time. Now I just have to make sure I take it in for a cleaning and get the battery replaced before the warranty runs out and this laptop might make it for another couple of years after that.

Even though this laptop is heavy and I would love an excuse to get a new one now, it does everything I need it to do. I don’t encode video with it anymore. I did try, but my laptop tends to sort of look at the process of encoding a dvd and promptly runs away screaming like a girl.… [Read More]

Unaltered Star Wars Released: I’m out 60$…

Lucas finally issued a release of the original three, unaltered star wars movies to DVD. Likely it is fan/studio pressure that has caused this, regardless it’s time to let my hubby know that we have to put our money where our mouths are. We had planned to avoid purchasing the original three films until an unaltered version was released. Now I’m out the dough. *sigh*
I find it amusing that we’re closing on the end of the life cycle of the DVD format and Lucas is only now releasing the films. He did this with VHS as well, and we bought the boxed set on VHS. This was fine, until my adventurous son, who was only four at the time, dumped an entire glass of milk on the tapes.

Here’s the article on[Read More]

iPod vs. Zune

This is an interesting article from a current iPod owner on why he will switch to a Zune when microsoft releases the device.

What I find most amusing about this, is that a lot of his complaints are a large portion of why I chose not to buy another Sony music player. SonicStage had all of the same problems that this guy complains about with iTunes. It was cumbersome, image heavy, took forever to convert things and periodically, for whatever random reason, chose to delete files from my music collection when I would burn them to minidisc. It was never a whole album either, and never all of the songs that I’d transferred onto one particular disc in one sitting, so I wouldn’t call it a user error. Also, when my hard drive went belly up, I had no way to get those songs back off of the minidisc and onto my hard drive again.… [Read More]

Dude, your dell just blew up!

This concerns me and I’m posting this here for the benefit of any of my readers who might own a Dell laptop. A dell laptop battery exploded at a conference in Japan a few months ago, and now this one exploded in an office building.

We all love our laptops, and as any good gadget geek will tell you, the laptop is the essence of life, however there is no excuse for letting the laptop take your life. I can’t advise you on what steps to take to resolve this, because Dell has not apparently announced a recall on their laptop batteries, but if you are a dell owner, you should check their website to find out if they have any information on this and see if your laptop is safe.… [Read More]

Why I didn’t jump on the iPod bandwagon.

Recently in an online chat channel, I made a confession that I own a creative zen micro. The reaction I got to this surprised me. “I can’t believe it. Isn’t each state only allowed to have one zen owner?”

The next morning the news articles started coming out with rumors of Microsoft’s “Zune” player and those articles put Apple’s share of the mp3 player market at 80% of all mp3 players owned. It made me think hard about why people wanted an iPod, and why I didn’t choose to get one.

The biggest reason is probably that I already owned a Sony PSP. The PSP is a supreme device for watching portable video on, with great sound and even better video. The video iPod did not tempt me with its small screen and sound quality that true audiophiles rate as being not bad, but not all that, even with high quality headphones.… [Read More]