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Xbox 360 Is Not All That

At least, not in Japan. We knew the Xbox 360 wasn’t selling in Japan. What’s worse is that the PS2 and the Gamecube are outselling it. None of the games for the Xbox 360 have even made the top ten holiday sales for Japan. The Xbox 360 is doing so poorly in Japan that I have to wonder if Microsoft should have bothered to make a showing in Japan at all.

Sure, the Japanese market is huge, but it is also Sony’s playground. Coming to market in Japan with only 9 games available for your system is tantamount to professional suicide when there are literally thousands of titles available for the PS2 and the gamecube over there. Developers in Japan nearly flood the market with titles to see what sells well there, then they ship what actually makes money to the US. That’s how they test market for North America, because if it will sell like wildfire in Japan, it will sell like wildfire everywhere.… [Read More]

Apple Swapping

And I have to admit that I have been tempted to do it myself.

The new macs are awfully sweet, not to mention the fact that they are really designed with someone like me in mind. I’m a style fiend when it comes to my electronics. I’ve been holding off on an mp3 player for many reasons, but the biggest one is probably that nothing is quite as attractive to me as an iPod, but I don’t want to have to install or deal with iTunes. I want drag and drop file transfer, and when I get that in a player with as much style as a sony device or an iPod, then I might get something that’s smaller than my PSP. Until then, the PSP serves the purpose well.

Still.. a million converts. That’s a hell of a thing. Kudos to Apple for managing it, and well… I hope some Microsoft execs are using this as an opportunity to take stock.… [Read More]

Toshiba’s Dirty Pool

Man is it a doozie.

Toshiba has made the rather risky decision to license their HD DVD technology to Chinese manufacturers. As anyone who owns a DVD player that cost less than 100$ is aware, the Chinese are getting good at cranking out cheap home video equipment in quantities so massive that it drives prices downward for the whole market.

The reason why this is such a risky move for Toshiba is that Toshiba is dropping exclusivity on the HD DVD product line before it’s even hit the shelves. This could mean a hit to Toshiba’s bottom line, and the bottom line of other electronics makers outside of China. Toshiba is operating under the hope that this maneuver of theirs could potentially win consumer markets to the HD DVD format, forcing the studios to come play ball with Toshiba once more. Toshiba’s goal now is to get HD DVD players into every Wal-mart in America and sell them for less money than a PS3 will cost.… [Read More]

Bacteria Killing Pencils!

COOL! Wouldn’t it be neat if you could loan someone your hankie.. and then point a pencil at it and know that it’s safe for you to touch it before you take it back?

Even cooler.. how about those countertops in your kitchen? You’ve seen the Clorox commercials that show how much bacteria those “other” cleaners leave behind. If you had one of these, who needs clorox! … [Read More]

Cool Defined

You’ve probably never heard of Harvey Danger. Neither had I before Bill@Reason’s Edge pointed this out to me. I am currently torrenting the album, and intend to give it a listen as soon as I get a chance, and if I like it, I will buy a copy and pass my burn onto my friends.

I suggest you do the same. If you like their stuff, buy a CD or a t-shirt or something. These guys deserve it.… [Read More]