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This is where I gripe about the bad things that happen.

Regular People Do NOT Understand Geeks.

Let’s be realistic about how we get involved in relationships that work.

We find someone that we like the look of, we learn if they have things in common with us, and if we find enough commonality to build a foundation upon, we can have a successful relationship with that person. This is true of friendship, family and romance. It’s actually really very simple, but people get so wound up about romance and dating that they can’t see the forest for the trees.… [Read More]

Top Ten Yahoo Searches

When I see things like this, I have to wonder what this says about America to the rest of the globe. The top ten yahoo searches of 2008 start off with Britney Spears and it only gets worse from there.

No wonder other countries hate us. We’re a bunch of losers with boring lives that have nothing better to do besides throw our money at mentally ill super stars, wrestling programs that we are well aware are fake, and of all things.. really crappy Japanese anime. (Sorry Viz, but your American production of Naruto is lame with a capital LAME).… [Read More]

Toyota Abusing DMCA?

I’m not sure how much stock to put into this article, that comes to you via /. But I will say this much, if this is true, then Toyota are a bunch of A-holes that are not worthy of the admiration of those thousands of folks who put up wallpapers of their Toyotas/Scions/Lexi.

I often have to wonder about the state of the world anymore, where people are constantly being forced to question weather they actually own a thing when they pay money for it, or weather they just own a license to use it. I would have a hard time spending the amount of money that it costs to buy a car, if I couldn’t take pictures of the thing and I couldn’t refer to it by its product name when telling others what I really think about it, and was only allowed to use it for as long as the company felt it was appropriate for me to use it.… [Read More]

How my iPhone Became a 3g.

It was Monday.

Allow me to warn you, faithful reader, that no story that ever begins with the phrase, “It was Monday.” can possibly end well.

On Monday, the cable company sent a technician to our home to check out some problems we’d been having with our connectivity since Saturday night. The guy was here for a solid two hours checking over things before he finally concluded that it was our cable modem, and replaced it. But during this time, he needed to talk to my husband, so I called my husband on my precious 1st gen iPhone, that was less than a year old, and handed it to the cable guy. The cable guy gave it back to me when he was done, and thought it was in my grasp so he let go.

My baby, my iPhone, which is my entire life, hit the floor with a loud crack.… [Read More]

An Open Letter to Steve Ballmer

Dear Mr. Ballmer,

I understand that at the MVP Conference in Seattle this weekend, you referred to Windows Vista as a “work in progress”. As a daily user of this operating system, I have no idea how it is that you can even begin to assume that this phrase gives me confidence for my future use of this OS.

We could argue about the finer points of Windows Vista and all you have learned for as long as you like, but the reality of this situation is that I’m an end user of a product that you’re selling. I expect products that I pay for to work. There are many products I’ve passed on because they simply don’t work. With my OS, I have not been given the option to choose one that works. Windows Vista came with my PC. I called my hardware manufacturer and requested a downgrade to Windows XP one week after I purchased this machine.… [Read More]