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This is where I gripe about the bad things that happen.

Ellen and the Dog.

After reading the comments on this article in wapo, I had to say something.

Many of the commenters in this article are obviously clueless. One particularly irritated me. “Susie” wrote: “And to limit dogs to families with no kids (14 and over is essentially no kids) is ridiculous as well.” I’ve met many a dog that has no business being in a home with children, and many a child that has no business having a dog. There are lots of dogs that love and adore children, a friend of mine has a fat and happy golden retriever that absolutely adores children, and his other dog, a yellow lab/german shepherd mix, while an old lady these days, still manages to get some bounce in her step when she has children to frolick with.

My own dog is another story. He likes his children, but only his children. My dog and my daughter haven’t been famous friends, and my dog has been terrorized by my neighbor’s children in the past, and I only discovered it after I cleaned up cuts and knicks in his skin after a whole fist full of rocks were hucked at him.… [Read More]

Democrats Fiat Vote on Welfare for Illegal Aliens

This first made the news on Thursday, so I’m behind the times but… I just want to say to the democrats in congress that you guys are scum.

You cheated the system to get a vote that would take money from tax paying citizens of this country, so that you could give it to people who can’t even be bothered to take a fucking test to become citizens and pay taxes so that they qualify for aid.

For God’s sake, what makes you think that our government can support people who don’t pay into the system that’s paying out to them? What in the hell makes you think we have room for this?

What makes you think that you have the support of the American people on this? The polls say you don’t. Maybe you should read them every once in a while.

I have never voted blanket, across the board for one party on a ballot before.… [Read More]

Old Dog

My old dog woke me up this morning. The sad part is, it wasn’t because he needed to go out. No, no, instead he sat in his crate and flapped his head around until his ears made this noise that sounded like my grandmother was standing right next to my head, flapping out the sheets in the breeze so that the folds would be nice and crisp and the sheets wouldn’t get wrinkled.

I groaned and called him over to me when I realized that he had yet more ear infections and scratched his ears for him until he settled down. Then I tried to go back to sleep, but of course, it didn’t happen.

I couldn’t sleep because for some reason, it occurred to me that my brother told me that my grandmother’s dog had passed away the other day. My grandmother and grandfather got that dog a month or so before I came home for the first visit from Spokane.… [Read More]

Sony Gets Sick of Rootkit Infamy.

In an interesting business move, Sony BMG has filed a lawsuit against The Amergence Group for providing the MediaMax software that led to the rootkit scandal which has several people frothing at the mouth for Sony’s demise.

Oddly enough, this suit says what I said at the beginning of this whole mess, that Sony did not write the rootkit and that it was extremely likely that Sony had no idea that the rootkit mess would emerge from their attempts at copy protection. They hired a third party to handle copy protection for them, they trusted the third party to respect Sony’s customers. Sony put their trust in the wrong company. Simple as that.

Sony’s not looking to recoup money lost from the rootkit scandal. Money on this magnitude is small time for a company like Sony. What Sony is doing with this lawsuit, is using it to recover their good name because they’ve finally gotten sick of the slashdotters and diggers who constantly blame Sony for all the world’s ills because “Sony made a rootkit!”… [Read More]

A Music Lover’s Response to Rolling Stone.

On the 19th of this month, Rolling Stone released an article which discussed the decline of the recorded music business, and attempted to analyze it’s fall.

Much of this article makes complete sense and it is precisely what many music lovers have been saying since the RIAA filed its original lawsuit against Napster. Give us digital music. Do not tell us how we will listen to music that we pay for the right to listen to, we will decide that for ourselves, thanks. Do give us a better way to fill our lives with music at a price that makes sense.

Note what I said there: Pay for the right. Most people believe that when they pay for something, that means they own it. Now, obviously I don’t have the right to release tons of copies of James Blunt’s latest CD and make money off of them… but *I* do have the right to listen to the CD because I paid money for it!… [Read More]