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This is where I gripe about the bad things that happen.

We’ve been busy!

It’s been a busy few weeks for me. I got sucked into reading Plato’s Republic for my philosophy class and now I’m reading Descartes. Or at least… I’m ditching the reading of Descartes that I am supposed to be doing, in order to bring you this post!

The democrats won many seats in congress on November 7th. That was sad. Most disappointing for me is that Maria Cantwell won again, and no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to vote that woman out of office. Even though she is almost single handedly responsible for the increase that we are about to receive in our power bill that may drive several Washingtonians out of their current lifestyles due to their inability to be able to afford expensive wind-power, which power companies are now required by law to use here in our state. I mean… forget the fact that Washington doesn’t get all that much wind in areas where that power would be most useful… forget the fact that we already have hydro out the wahzoo.… [Read More]

Say what you will about Best Buy…

… I have my laptop back. I called them on Sunday and I got the part today, within their promised 3-6 days for part replacement and my laptop is running fine again!

I’ve asked my husband to install a surge protector in the kitchen counter, where I spend most of my time with my laptop, and I think this will solve all of my laptop woes for quite some time. Now I just have to make sure I take it in for a cleaning and get the battery replaced before the warranty runs out and this laptop might make it for another couple of years after that.

Even though this laptop is heavy and I would love an excuse to get a new one now, it does everything I need it to do. I don’t encode video with it anymore. I did try, but my laptop tends to sort of look at the process of encoding a dvd and promptly runs away screaming like a girl.… [Read More]

Antique Technology Still the Norm in Public Schools?

At the end of the school year last year, my son’s history teacher handed him his floppy disk from school and told him that his paper, that he had to have finished two days later, was on it and should be taken home so that he could finish it.

My son came home and handed me the floppy disk and I looked at it, then handed it back. He said, “No, mom my homework’s on there.” I looked at the floppy and looked at my 3 year old laptop, the oldest windows machine in the house, and pointed out to my son that it does not have a floppy drive. In fact, we do not have a single windows machine in the house that has a floppy drive because computers simply do not ship with them anymore. I handed him my thumb drive and told him to ask his teacher to put the file on there for him, and to work on what he could remember while he was at home that night.… [Read More]

Potato Chip Culture?

This is an interesting article about the future of culture in American society and the impact that current copyright law has on it.

The argument is that culture will become like a bag of potato chips. Something to be consumed, but not to be created. It’s an interesting argument, and I think that in some respects, the guy is right, but the trick that he’s missing is that first you have to have people that want to create things like music, movies and books that also want to give them away for free. Those people who do choose to do that, are doing so to gain exposure for themselves and the possibility of a contract.

The sad fact of our society is that sooner or later, it always comes down to money.… [Read More]

Ah lovely spam

Lately I seem to be getting more comment spam. I wonder if one of the search engines has finally indexed my blog and made it more visible to the spammers.

Just a re-cap for all of you spam loving fiends out there, your comments will never see the light of day past my inbox, if they show up in my inbox at all.

Not like this does much good, most of those things are automated, but I figured it was worth a shot.… [Read More]