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This is where I gripe about the bad things that happen.

Why I didn’t jump on the iPod bandwagon.

Recently in an online chat channel, I made a confession that I own a creative zen micro. The reaction I got to this surprised me. “I can’t believe it. Isn’t each state only allowed to have one zen owner?”

The next morning the news articles started coming out with rumors of Microsoft’s “Zune” player and those articles put Apple’s share of the mp3 player market at 80% of all mp3 players owned. It made me think hard about why people wanted an iPod, and why I didn’t choose to get one.

The biggest reason is probably that I already owned a Sony PSP. The PSP is a supreme device for watching portable video on, with great sound and even better video. The video iPod did not tempt me with its small screen and sound quality that true audiophiles rate as being not bad, but not all that, even with high quality headphones.… [Read More]

I call bull****!

Since Sony’s press conference yesterday with regard to the PS3, every major news network on the planet has been reporting a delay in the release. The problem with this is, there is a delay, but not for the North American market. Sony never promised the North American release of the PS3 before November of this year. Not once, ever. I dare you to find an article to prove it.

Sony had announced that the PS3 would be ready for Japan “some time in late spring of 2006 with a worldwide release following it some time in the late fall.” If those aren’t the exact words of their statement, they are incredibly close. We weren’t going to see it before Christmas anyway.

Just had to share.… [Read More]

Real Rock.

When I think of the phrase “real rock” images of Bad Company, Stevie Ray Vaughn and The Rolling Stones come to mind. I think of the good old days of rock and roll that I can scarcely remember, but have a vivid mental picture of. The days when guys trotted up on outdoor stages to play for the benefit of undulating audiences who loved them above and beyond all sense of passion.

So when one of my local radio stations claims to be “Real Rock ” I expect to hear some honest to god, real rock and roll.

Unforunately, on more than one occassion, I’ve been denied.

The first time I paid attention to what they played after they said the phrase, I caught wind of a sound that was so distinctly Def Leppard that you couldn’t avoid it if the spandex and ripped jeans were a million miles away. It wasn’t even *good* Def Leppard.… [Read More]

I’m a liberal now.

Forget the fact that my blog has worn the “blogs for bush” button since… um… well at least the last election. I’ve never bothered to take it down. Forget that I voted for Bush not once, but twice, and am a fan of trickle-down economics. Forget that I thought Kerry and Gore were both full of crap, and blogged extensively on why I thought Kerry was in idiot in ’04. Forget that I was brave enough to walk on a college campus in this country with a “Bush Cheney ’04” sticker stuck boldly to the back of my binder for everyone to see.

Forget all of that.

Because I disagreed with a conservative (several of them) in the comments on another blog, I am a “liberal”. My father, a card-carrying democrat, would heartily disagree and is highly disappointed that his daughter is a “right wing conservative nut-job”.

I’m not here to gripe about the guy that labeled me a liberal.… [Read More]

The Things You Don’t Do.

Every significant other knows what the topic of this post means. There are things you don’t do when it comes to the person you care about. Doing those things is tantamount to romantic suicide.

When it comes to me, you don’t call me paranoid. I associate that word with the phrase “paranoid schizophrenic” which was a phrase used to describe one of my relatives before he shot himself. It’s also been used to describe another relative who locks himself in his house and won’t go outside. I do wish he would email me, when we were kids, he was an awesome person to be around.

Another thing you just don’t call me is fat. I spent the whole of my 13th year on this earth being berated, belittled and otherwise endlessly teased about my weight.

Now that I’ve put it into perspective, you can probably see why this would be a huge relationship faux pas, but if you didn’t have that perspective, how innocuous does that word seem to be?… [Read More]