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The Rules of Net Surfing

It’s not pretty, but minds are changing, with regard to what needs to be done about spyware.

While I think that the programmers that came up with the grande scheme that is spyware should likely have their keyboards crushed beneath the tire of a 747 as they look on, it doesn’t mean that what they did was necessarily illegal if you clicked that silly “I agree” button.

I hate to say it folks, but.. um.. I’ve never had problems with slowdowns or crashes as a result of spyware. I’ve never opened e-mail from people I didn’t know. I’ve also run all those emails from people I don’t know through a spam filter so that if I get email from that person again, I won’t see it in my inbox. In fact, I’ve had one computer virus in my history of computing, and that was sent to me by an IRCop on a chat network… someone I knew and trusted at the time.… [Read More]

Dell and Napster Hold Hands to Entice College Kids

Isn’t that a heck of a thing?

I never thought I’d see the day Napster became a legitimate business, but the more I hear about Napster’s business model, the more I think I have finally found a music service that might just work for me. It’s 10 bucks a month, and I can download all the music I want to listen to on a Napster compatible device (meaning it works with any MP3 player or PC, or stereo system components that support the WMA format.), without having to pay a 99 cents a song fee, for as long as I am a Napster member. If I drop the membership, the music I didn’t pay the 99 cent fee for goes away. The stuff I did pay the fee for, stays on my hard drive.

Napster also has several internet radio stations, and you can create your own Napster radio station in case you get bored with your current playlists.… [Read More]

Intel and Clickstar Join Forces to Sell Movie Downloads

How cool is this?

What’s even cooler is that this company, owned by Morgan Freeman, plans to offer movie downloads the day a film is released in theaters. No more limited runs of cool stuff like Ghost In the Shell 2, or the director’s cut of Blade Runner folks! Now the possibility exists to use Clickstar to download it and watch it on our own televisions, computers, or home theaters.

This rocks! Sign me up!… [Read More]