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Mini iPad Mini Review

1. The screen, for it’s size, is great. It’s clear, it’s sufficiently bright. I wish it had a retina display, but this isn’t holding me back.

2. The iPad Mini is light. Super light. Wicked light. The difference is like the difference between a Macbook Pro and a Macbook Air. I love this about it.

3. If you read a lot of books, I highly recommend the iPad Mini. The size is very similar to that of the second generation Kindle. The weight of it is great for holding in one hand as you read. If you game or watch a lot of video on your iPad, get the 4th generation iPad with retina display.

4. The new speakers on the iPad Mini rock.

5. Battery life is just as great as it was on my iPad 2, maybe even a little bit better.

6. There isn’t much here that I don’t like, except for the lack of cases available for the device and the lack of a retina display, which will both be things that change with time and newer iterations of the device.… [Read More]

Channel Surfing 101

Me: Go take control of the TV. Play video games or watch something.
Daughter: (stunned) You mean.. I actually get control of the remote?
Me: Yeah.
Daughter: I never get control of the TV. I’m not sure what to do with it.
Me: Well it works like this. You pick up the remote and change the channel until you see something and say to yourself, “Hey! This looks interesting!” and you watch it. Then you find out it’s not interesting and you pick up the remote and change the channel until you find something and say “Hey! This looks interesting!” and you watch it.
Daughter: What if it’s not interesting?
Me: Lather, rinse, repeat until you find something interesting.
Daughter: Wow.… [Read More]

So this is Christmas…

My husband has been giving me grief lately, because he feels like he married the next John Grogan. The only thing I seem to post about on this blog are my dogs.

Well, let’s face it, I’ve had a rough couple of years in terms of my life with dogs. First, I lose my best friend and our first family dog. Then we bring home Mugen and he starts sewing us up and then we adopt Lucy and feel like the family is complete only to have her taken from us by cancer less than two years later. Along the way, we adopted Jazzmin because she needed someplace to go and when Lucy was gone, I was so horribly lonely without her that my husband decided we needed a third again and we adopted Jet. That’s a lot of doing with dogs in three years, so I have a lot to talk about when it comes to my crew.… [Read More]

Let’s Talk About Google+

This is the blog post I’ve been avoiding writing.

As a die hard Apple fangirl, I love everything about Apple. However, even I am willing to admit when Apple has gotten something completely wrong. Let’s face it, Apple’s attempt at a social network, Ping, blows chunks. I don’t use it. I want to use it, I think the idea of sharing the music that I love with other people via Ping is awesome, but it doesn’t connect to Facebook and to be brutally honest, it needs that piece of functionality. Ping is tailor made for the Facebook crowd and that’s where it should live, as an app for Facebook, not integrated into iTunes.

I would love to say that Ping has a brilliant user interface that is straight forward and easy to use. I would love to say that Ping has this cool feature or that cool feature that I can’t live without.… [Read More]

The Internet

I made my first friend on the Internet when I was 14 years old. It was over a service called Quantum Link, which later grew into a little company, that I know you’ve heard of, called AOL. Chris lived on the other side of town from me, and it was odd to actually meet someone from your local area in a chat room. We exchanged phone numbers one night and called each other once a week or so and talked on the phone. We met at the mall downtown a couple of times, mind you this was in the late 80s and early 90s. I don’t think my parents thought there was a chance I would meet a pedophile over q-link. So Chris and I met. He wasn’t a creep. He was everything he said he was and I was nerdier than I said I was, which he already knew and was okay with.… [Read More]