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Live Blog: Apple Event – September 12, 2018

At 10:00 am on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, Apple is expected to announce a brand new iPhone X, predicted to be called the iPhone XS, as well as the Series 4 Apple Watch and it’s also expected that we will have a release date for iOS 12.

What else is going to happen? We don’t know! I will be here, live blogging on this post at 10 am for those of you who are unable to watch the Apple Event live so check back with this page at 10:00 am Pacific Time!


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Porter MacGillikitty

Yesterday afternoon, I received a series of frantic texts from my daughter, who is still living at home while attending college to become a veterinarian. They went something like this:

“(Attached Photo of Elderly Cat in Shelter) Can I bring him home?”

I replied, “No, but he’s cute!”

“But he’s 10 and he’s been here a LONG time. He really needs a home.”

“Your timing really couldn’t be worse. I can’t.”

“Can I put an adoption hold on him?”

“I can’t agree to that. Your dad is pretty set against the idea, we would need to discuss it. I don’t want to drop this on him.”

“But, he’s perfect!”

“You can bring it up at dinner tonight, ok?”

There was a long pause. I assumed that she was driving home but the next text I got read:
“Please don’t kill me.”

I was furious until the minute she got in the door carrying the box and said it again, “Please don’t kill me.”[Read More]

Lost My Geek Card

A friend and I used to crack jokes about her being on the edge of losing her girl card because she didn’t like chocolate, or pink. Her shoe collection and love of designer handbags was probably the only thing that spared her from having her girl status completely revoked. Now, I can’t imagine that anyone would ever accuse me of being in danger of losing my girl card, but there is another card that I have lost along the way.

My geek card.

My husband, who is one hell of a programmer, will admit (though, I wonder if he will do so in public) that back in the day when the whole world was still learning how to make the web work, my skills at web page building and graphics design were better than his. I knew how to maintain my own IRC server. I knew more than a little bit about Apache.… [Read More]

Book Review: Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems by Susan Jean Ricci

Dinosaurs and Cherry StemsWhen I read a book that’s been self-published by an Indie author, I’m often disappointed. It’s probably because I’m a writer too and I have certain expectations of how a book should look. Now, I’m not trying to argue that I am the pinnacle of all writerly goodness. I make mistakes. I’m human. It’s just that so many mistakes could be avoided with the liberal application of a spelling and grammar check courtesy your friendly neighborhood word processor. Many Indie authors fail to apply these tools. Further still, the plots are simplistic and that’s okay, but when simplistic plot and bad editing come together the results can be disastrous. I have been reading a lot of romance novels lately of the Indie variety lately and they have left me longing for the days when Harlequin ruled because at least with a Harlequin Romance, you know what you’re getting. Still, these Indie romances follow the trope of the genre.… [Read More]

A Reasonable Choice: The Speck FitFolio for iPad Mini

I’ve been looking for a great iPad Mini case since I got my iPad Mini. I don’t find iPad cases to be all that thrilling in general. The only case I used on my larger iPad for any real length of time, was Apple’s Smart Case and even then, I wished that it was softer and that it didn’t have that obnoxious lip on the outside edge that cut into my skin. Apple doesn’t make a Smart Case for the iPad Mini, yet, and until it does, I’m going to have to search for a third party product.

As far as third party products go, Speck Products have been hit or miss for me. I’m not a fan of their iPhone cases, because they either add too much bulk to the phone, or they are cheaply made and start falling apart after a few months and with the average price of a case setting you back 35$, it should last longer than a few weeks before it starts to look like you’ve owned it for a decade.… [Read More]