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The only decent thing I have written all day… and it turns out to be… a Poem.

You have no idea how not thrilled I am by this… but I do rather like the poem and so, you may find it here.

Who?[Read More]

How Faces Changed My Life in 20 Minutes.

As I type this, I am in tears.

I have seen photos of my children that I had been trying to find for months. I have found photos of a dear friend who has passed on, that I did not even know I had.

I am in awe at how much of my life I have recorded on “film”, I am so moved by seeing the past three years of my life in pictures in front of my face… that I can’t stop crying and I will likely run us out of kleenex and use up a couple of rolls of TP before I’m done writing this article.

I had no idea how much of it I’d actually captured until I sat down to play with iPhoto 11 this morning. There were pictures of our road trip to Seattle. Pictures of my husband and I going to buy my MINI Cooper.… [Read More]

Confirmed! Squirrels Plot to Destroy Humanity 1 Person At a Time.

I really feel that I owe an explanation to every human being that sees me out in public over the course of the next week or two. I have a horrible bruise on my left arm. It goes around the entire inside of my arm and across the top of it. Right now, it is a yellowing gray… it’s awful. It looks like someone tried to break my arm in half.

That’s because someone did and it was, of course, my dog.

Mugen and I went to a park earlier this week. I sat down at a picnic table to eat some lunch and was using the remains of a hamburger to bait Mugen into ignoring the squirrels and paying attention to me. This worked for a while. We were having a good time, and this was good practice for Mugen since his CGC test is coming up in 3 short weeks.… [Read More]

Seattle MINI

As many of you may remember, my experiences at Northwest MINI last summer were nothing short of a nightmare. I was in tears when I finally made it home. I couldn’t even complain while I was at the dealership because I was so angry that I was afraid I’d go postal on the staff there. When I got home I emailed a scathing letter to the lovely man who sold Viola to me… and he vowed to make it right and suggested that he would take care of my car personally or that I could go to Seattle MINI when it opened this year.… [Read More]

Dear Mr. President.

I know you are a very busy man and I’m no one really important in your life. I’m just a voter, a mother of two who has a couple of really great dogs who has lived her life believing in this country and what it stands for. I’m being honest when I say that I didn’t even vote for you. I wanted to believe in you though. I wanted to believe that the change you promised would be good for this country. This country really needs to believe in itself again and I wanted to think that you could do that with your enthusiasm and your passion. The only reason I didn’t vote for you, is because I couldn’t figure out what it was exactly that you wanted to change. … [Read More]