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Media News related randomness.

Hillary still plans to regulate video game industry.

This is merely one among many reasons why I will never vote for Hillary Clinton.

Regulating the gaming industry is not going to help anyone. Parents of children should not go out and buy them video games that they have never played themselves. If your kid is into gaming, and you’re not… get smart. Pick up a damned controller and find out what all the fuss is about. This is the responsibility that we take on as parents. I cannot impress this upon non-gamer parents enough.

I can’t tell you how many parents have looked at me in shock when I talk to their kids about a certain level of a video game that I’ve played and can actually follow the conversation. Kids do want to spend time with their parents doing the things that they enjoy. So gamer kids will talk to their parents about their video games, and it just doesn’t do the parent much good to sit and stare at them blankly and say, “Oh, that’s nice dear.”… [Read More]

Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett has announced that he has been diagnosed with a very rare, early form of Alzheimer’s Disease. He’s staying positive and says he has at least a few books left in him, which is good to hear. However, because he is one of my absolute favorite authors, I wish that I could reach out and help him.

The geek in me reminds me that I have a ps3 that runs folding@home whenever it’s not being played. My great aunt also had Alzheimer’s disease and my grandmother is experiencing symptoms that are very similar to Alzheimer’s disease.

You don’t have to have a ps3 to run folding@home. You can run it on your computer when you’re not using it. The purpose of the project is to determine exactly how proteins fold and see if they can determine when the proteins will misfold, which may lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.… [Read More]

I’m screwed in 08.

So people keep asking me about who I like in the presidential race in 2008. I keep telling them, “I have no clue.” I have yet to find a candidate I can get behind, but I have a couple I definitely will not vote for. One of those is Mitt Romney. I’ll be honest, it is, in fact, because he’s mormon. I don’t want a guy becoming the ruler of the free world who believes that his wife must be married to him in order to get to heaven. I’ve got a big problem with that. It sort of defeats the purpose of ruling the… free world, if you get my drift. I mean no offense to my friends who are mormon. They’re all fantastic people. I just don’t believe the way they believe. That doesn’t bother me in my friends, I’m willing to discuss their faith with them and discuss mine with them, but the president of the United States needs to be on my side on a fundamental level.… [Read More]

Congratulations Rush!

This is just awesome, so I thought I’d spread the link around.

Rush earned 2.1 million dollars for the families of soldiers and police officers killed in the line of duty by selling off a letter sent to Clear Channel asking that he be made to apologize for comments that he never actually made. Hilarious.

What’s even funnier is that Harry Reid tried to share in the credit for earning that money for charity. Typical politician.… [Read More]

Ellen and the Dog.

After reading the comments on this article in wapo, I had to say something.

Many of the commenters in this article are obviously clueless. One particularly irritated me. “Susie” wrote: “And to limit dogs to families with no kids (14 and over is essentially no kids) is ridiculous as well.” I’ve met many a dog that has no business being in a home with children, and many a child that has no business having a dog. There are lots of dogs that love and adore children, a friend of mine has a fat and happy golden retriever that absolutely adores children, and his other dog, a yellow lab/german shepherd mix, while an old lady these days, still manages to get some bounce in her step when she has children to frolick with.

My own dog is another story. He likes his children, but only his children. My dog and my daughter haven’t been famous friends, and my dog has been terrorized by my neighbor’s children in the past, and I only discovered it after I cleaned up cuts and knicks in his skin after a whole fist full of rocks were hucked at him.… [Read More]