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Real Estate Busted.

I’ve been listening to more talk radio lately and I keep catching Dave Ramsey on the air. His basic tenants for living debt free are wise and make perfect sense to me. These are things that my husband and I already practice in our finances after digging ourselves out from under an amount of debt that we decided was too much for us to carry. We’ve never had to file bankruptcy, we never let our debt get that far. It just got tight one month and we made the rent by the skin of our teeth. That was when we got aggressive and paid off every card we had, and cut them up one by one.

Our home is something we never wanted to mess with or put at risk. We have never gambled on making sure there was a roof over our heads. That always came before everything else. Risking losing your house, so that you can live beyond your means is something that has never made sense to us.… [Read More]

Breast Implants = Higher Rate of Suicide? Duh…

Apparently these Swedish researchers are a bit behind the rest of us.

Women who get breast implants are compensating for a physical lacking in themselves, thinking, wrongly so, that it will improve who they are on the inside. These women have problems, the least of which being a negative body image. I won’t speculate about what the worst might be.

Now, I know that not every woman who gets breast implants has mental problems, and that there is the odd, occasional bird who did it because she just wanted bigger boobs and nothing else, and she’s totally okay with that. I’m okay with it too, but the truth is, most of the women I know, and have known, have never even considered breast implants. The reasons for not doing it cut a swath from, “You can tell they’re not real.” to “Why would I want to butcher myself?”

Then again, all of the women I am currently friends with have considered getting breast reductions, except for one, who would rather have a flatter backside than a bigger chest… so maybe my sample is a bit off…… [Read More]

Airlines sue FBI and CIA?

Apparently several airlines are suing the FBI and CIA to get access to sensitive personnel who could exonerate the airlines and aircraft manufacturers of wrongdoing in the September 11th attacks.

Why do they have to do this? Because victims of the attacks, and families of victims, are suing the airlines for money, saying that the airlines are to blame.

What utter bullshit. Take your anger out on Osama Bin Laden and file a lawsuit against the bastard. It won’t get you much in the way of cash, but it will do more to flush that bastard out of hiding than suing the airlines will, and if anything, your relatives who lost their lives in the attacks would rather see bin Laden in jail, than you getting fatter off your ill-gotten gains.

Grow the hell up people.… [Read More]

Democrats Fiat Vote on Welfare for Illegal Aliens

This first made the news on Thursday, so I’m behind the times but… I just want to say to the democrats in congress that you guys are scum.

You cheated the system to get a vote that would take money from tax paying citizens of this country, so that you could give it to people who can’t even be bothered to take a fucking test to become citizens and pay taxes so that they qualify for aid.

For God’s sake, what makes you think that our government can support people who don’t pay into the system that’s paying out to them? What in the hell makes you think we have room for this?

What makes you think that you have the support of the American people on this? The polls say you don’t. Maybe you should read them every once in a while.

I have never voted blanket, across the board for one party on a ballot before.… [Read More]

7 Things Guys Do to Make Chicks Think They’re Perverts.

I’m just going to cut and paste the list, but the original article can be found on “The Bachelor Guy” and was written by TechChick.

Do read the original article for the explanation behind each item on the list, but the list alone was enough for me to raise my hand above my laptop and shout, “Amen to that sistah!”

1. Accidental Breast Touch #2
2. Broadcasting Your Love of Playboy
3. The Creepy, Across-the-bar Stare
4. Going to the Gym or Appearing in Public Wearing Anything Leopard/Cheetah Print, a Headband, or – Good Heavens – Those Dreaded Zubaz Pants From 1989.
5. Bringing Up Your Sexual Escapades, or Asking About Mine, Within 24 Hours of Meeting Me.
6. Offering to Come Home From the Grocery Store with Me to Carry and Put Away My Groceries.
7. Coming Off Like You’ve Never Seen a Real, Live Woman Before:… [Read More]