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Top Ten Yahoo Searches

When I see things like this, I have to wonder what this says about America to the rest of the globe. The top ten yahoo searches of 2008 start off with Britney Spears and it only gets worse from there.

No wonder other countries hate us. We’re a bunch of losers with boring lives that have nothing better to do besides throw our money at mentally ill super stars, wrestling programs that we are well aware are fake, and of all things.. really crappy Japanese anime. (Sorry Viz, but your American production of Naruto is lame with a capital LAME).… [Read More]

Apple Says: Get Antivirus Protection

And honestly, coming from a pc, I wondered how I was going to make that work. Even though the mac is less susceptible to viruses, and I think this is primarily because there are less macs out there, it still makes sense to consider security when you put a computer on the internet. Of course, from Apple’s perspective, this is a win win situation.… [Read More]

Life Marches On.

In spite of the fact that this woman has died, I find it difficult to be sad for someone who has passed on after living for over a hundred years. My God, the life this woman had! I can’t imagine it, and I can only hope that will live as long a life and be surrounded by loved ones and family when I pass.

However, I do feel for her family who must be grieving at this time, but still they should celebrate the amazing life this woman has led. One hundred and fifteen years, how amazing.

May we all live to be one hundred and fifteen. … [Read More]

My Space Mom Sentenced.

So they finally sentenced her, and this article really explains it all. She was not convicted of the felony conspiracy charge, but she was charged on misdemeanor unauthorized accessing of computers for the purpose of causing emotional distress.

I do feel bad for the Meier family. I’m not sure what else to say here. I want to say something witty and clever, but all I can tell you is that I think that it really doesn’t matter what she was charged with. Nothing they can do will bring Megan Meier back, and I’m not fully convinced that Lori Drew should bear the burden for that. I believe that her daughter and the employee should be charged, because they were the actual perpetrators in this crime. … [Read More]

Bandwagon Jumpers and Gay Marriage

We’ve all done it. We’ve all been guilty of piggybacking our own beliefs onto the beliefs of others in order to get them recognized, but to sit there and tell supporters of Gay Marriage that the ban on it in California also speaks volumes about racism and hatred is not fair. I believe that it takes power away from those couples who are desperately trying to seek some societal recognition for the lives they lead. I see nothing wrong with those couples receiving recognition from the law. I see everything wrong with activists for other organizations who have nothing to do with gay marriage on your average day of the week, showing up to make a fuss because it gets their cause back in the newspapers. Grow up. … [Read More]