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Why Left Coast Pizza Sucks.

Amen to this guy, who explains the science behind why it is that pizza on the west coast cannot ever approach the goodness that is true New York pizza. Apparently the secret is in 90 year old brick ovens, and the tap water. Amazing, no?

I’ve always wondered about that pizza thing. I mean, I like pizza enough to eat it, regardless of its origins, but there still is very little that competes with slices of New York style pies. Personally, I preferred my uncle’s rendition of pizza to everything else. My uncle is Sicilian and learned to make this wicked amazing pizza, which he then passed down to my father, who also makes this wicked amazing pizza, but it’s not quite as good as my uncle’s for some reason. Perhaps this exercise in scientific explanation makes sense, and can help humanity truly understand what goes in to making the best pizza in the world.… [Read More]

Whacko Cults

And the final digg find of the day is this really neat photo essay that describes the cults that went whacko.

It’s particularly topical because of all the news stories that have been surrounding the FLDS ranch in Texas, and all of the comparisons that I have seen made to this facility and Waco, with the most interesting quotes being from the Texas officials who desperately wish to avoid a repeat of the Waco tragedy. Of course, I do not mean to imply that those living on the FLDS ranch are cult members and personally, as far as that whole scene goes, I just want them to get through the evaluations of those children and let those kids go home. I am sure that maybe 5% of the families on that ranch have not been as responsible toward their children as they should have been, but the other 95% deserve to return to their loving homes.… [Read More]

I’m totally gonna have to buy this book.

Today I was digging through digg. This rarely turns up anything useful, but there is the occasional link to an article on kotaku that doesn’t completely suck. Of course, the primary reason why this article doesn’t completely suck is because it’s not an article at all, it’s a video clip. The video clip isn’t even produced by kotaku, but was, in fact, aired on G4. News that comes from G4 is often interesting because it paints a picture on the video gaming industry and market that you do not see in the mainstream media. This clip is precisely one of these.

In this clip, Adam Sessler of XPlay interviews the authors of this book called “Grand Theft Childhood” in which they posit the theory that children who do not play video games are at a greater risk of being socially ostracized and of becoming more physically violent than their gamer peers.… [Read More]

Who didn’t know this?

12% of consumers are leeching wireless from unsecured wireless networks.

Hello!? How can you possibly hop on the internet and not realize that people do this? There’s a very simple solution to this problem. It’s called “Network Filtering”. I’m not the huge network geek that my husband and friends are, but Network Filtering is really easy to do and from what I’ve seen, any wireless router has this feature available in its setup.

What you do is tell the wireless router to only accept connections from the mac addresses that belong to individual machines in your house (or your Nintendo DS, or your PSP… or your iPhone.) You do have to enter in new mac addresses when you replace old machines or devices, but it takes maybe ten minutes and is a great precaution against unwanted intruders on your home network. Not to mention, it’s just plain smart. Who knows what leechers are doing while pretending to look like you?… [Read More]