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Jobs Says No to Flash on iPhone.

And while all the flash nerds can gripe and cry about this all they want… they should probably talk to someone who actually owns an iphone. I dunno about you, but me and my iPhone toting friends want NOTHING to do with something as insecure and unstable as flash on our cell phones, which are capable of making phone calls from telephone numbers printed on the web.

That’s just asking for some jackass hacker to come up with some way to exploit my phone and while I trust Adobe for photoshop, I don’t trust Adobe for anything else and certainly don’t want to have to mess with a resource hungry Adobe app on my iPhone. It takes 2 gig worth of RAM on my PC to make anything Adobe run smoothly, iPhones just don’t have that kind of real estate.

Speak up in the comments, fellow iPhone owners!… [Read More]

Gary Gygax, Father of D&D, Dies.

I wasn’t sure. Early reports on this came from Troll Lord Games’ forums, where people were posting that Gygax had passed, but nothing official had come out just yet. Then I came upon the story at a Wisconsin TV station, where Gygax lived with his wife. His wife confirmed his passing to the associated press… and there it is…

Gary Gygax, the man who co-designed Dungeons and Dragons, believed to be the very first roleplaying game, is dead. He was 69 years old, and at the time of his death was still writing adventures for D&D, even though he was no longer working on the core rules for D&D itself. Gygax and Arneson’s creation changed the world. It certainly changed my world. Gygax was certainly not one of my favorite characters in the gaming industry. It had been rumored for years that Gygax was a misogynist, among other major character flaws.… [Read More]

Heath Ledger Dies at 28.

How sad is this?

The suspected cause is a possible drug overdose, other than that no news. They found him today.

Apparently filming on The Dark Knight is already over and the film is in post-production right now according to IMDB, so we will still get to see Ledger’s performance as the Joker, but I was really hoping we would get to see more of him in this new Batman series. What I’ve seen so far of the new Joker is impressive and downright cool.

My heart goes out to Ledger’s family, particularly his 2 year old daughter, who barely even got the chance to know her dad. … [Read More]

Movie rentals via itunes?

This would be fantastic… if it could beat Netflix at what Netflix does.

I mean, I know that I get a physical DVD, but there’s no reason why the 3 out at a time policy could not work for digital rentals. When you’re ready to watch the next thing, delete one of the previous rentals in your library. It also doesn’t beat Netflix on price. For 17$ a month I get to rent approximately 14 movies a month from Netflix. That same 17$ through iTunes rentals nets me 4 new releases or 5 old releases.

In addition, Netflix just opened up the ability for me to download stuff and watch it on my laptop, through my web browser, whenever I feel like it and as often as I want. My laptop is not as portable as an iPod, but that’s not the point. Netflix is already doing video on demand for its customers and they’re giving it to them gratis, as part of their packages if they have more than the most basic of plans through Netflix.… [Read More]