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The best news story you will read all day.

A Russian couple, separated for 60 years by Stalin, were re-united when the couple both happened to return to their home village on the same day.

Does it get any better than this?

You may read better written articles. You may find more interesting articles, but I guarantee no other article will make you smile the way this one does.

Love really does conquer all. Congratulations Boris and Anna!… [Read More]

PETA Euthanizes 97% of Companion Animals in its Shelters.

PETA… People for the ETHICAL TREATMENT of Animals… puts more cats and dogs to sleep than the Humane Society, what’s funny is that PETA still isn’t shutting down its animal shelters, in spite of the fact that they can’t find adoptive homes for the companion animals that they take in. Surely they knew about their low adoption rate long before the end of this year. Instead of doing the right thing, and sending those animals to shelters where they had a 2 in 3 chance of getting adopted, they selfishly hung onto the animals and sent them all to their deaths.

These guys remind me of those scary pet collector people that Penn and Teller talked about on an episode of Bullshit.

If you’re interested in adopting a pet, go to your local Humane Society, or a reputable breeder, if you absolutely must have a puppy. Too many things go wrong when people adopt their pets from questionable sources, and PETA has just flung itself into the questionable source category alongside puppy mills and pet stores.… [Read More]

Bored and blogging.

So I’m bored, but I’m blogging!

Today was so nice and absolutely… boring. Nothing of note happened that seemed blogworthy to me, except that John Kerry came out and endorsed Obama, but I would guess that my readers already knew that and don’t need to hear anymore on that one from me.

For once, I did not manage to find some article on digg that was so idiotic that I laughed at what the masses find amusing, though the stunt that Gizmodo pulled at CES made me think that I shouldn’t read Gizmodo anymore, because that was just childish, though I am glad that their posting offers an apology and they realized they were behaving like idiots after the fact.

And that’s really it… … [Read More]

Clinton and McCain winners in NH!

In spite of the fact that Obama was polling well in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton managed to snag the win in New Hampshire today, with a reported 13 point lead. Apparently, it was her tearful moments after Iowa that won her some sympathy votes in New Hampshire, and I suspect that her husband’s attack on Obama created at least a small contribution to that end.

Regardless, congratulations to the winners in New Hampshire! More to come next week.

Though… to be honest with you, I can’t wait for all of this to be over with. By the time my primary comes around, I won’t even have a say in all of this because the front runners will already be decided which, I just want to say, sucks. Doesn’t mean I won’t vote in the primary, I will and always do, but it still sucks.… [Read More]

Blu-ray is looking great.

On top of the news that Warner Brothers is dropping support for HD-DVD this week, rumors abound that Paramount is about to execute its escape clause in its contract for exclusive HD-DVD releases. What this means for you and me, is that Michael Bay may finally get Transformers on Blu-ray just as he desired. What this also could mean, is a potential nail in the coffin for the HD-DVD format, which is great because consumers have been very soft on purchases in either next gen format, in spite of the fact that blu-ray sales are outrunning HD-DVD sales two to one. The players just aren’t flying off the shelves the way that retailers want them to, and the movie studios could care less about the players. Warner brothers bowed out of releasing HD-DVDs because they just weren’t selling enough of them. Blu-ray was making them more money.

It will be interesting to see where all of this goes, but I suspect that if Paramount throws in the towel, Universal will follow and the HD-DVD format will be dead.… [Read More]