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Things I have written, or read about that inspired me and that I hope will inspire you.

That Beginning of the End Place.

Sometime over the weekend (Friday or Saturday, but I am not sure which day exactly because I forgot to log it), I bent down to hold Lucy’s face in my hands and kiss her nose. My fingers are usually on her neck when I do this, with my thumbs on her cheeks. This maneuver serves a dual purpose for me. It holds her head still so I can kiss her and it affords me a low stress opportunity to check her for lumps and bumps. I thought I felt something, but I wasn’t sure. So I compared notes with Mugen and found a lymph node in his cheek in, what I thought, was a similar location. So I let it go.

Sunday night, I was watching TV with hubby and I pulled the same trick on Lucy. I took her head in my hands and went to kiss her nose and the thing was big and felt hard as a rock.… [Read More]

Good Morning Old Friend

This morning, I was sitting here working on re-drafting the outline for a novel that I began in 2009. That story has never really left my mind and it is crying out to be finished. We’ll see what happens with it when I get back into it, but it needs some work and the amount of material that I have left after culling the dreck that spewed out of my brain during word wars is, sadly, not much. Where the story sits right now, it’s not even a novella. It’s a short story.

Outlining, for me, is work. Writing is something I can slap down when I have twenty minutes and feel creative, but the work part of writing a story, is doing the outline. It requires that the entire length of my six foot long dining room table be available to me. I clear everything off of it and I actually grab pens and paper and I organize notes based on my “talking points”.… [Read More]

A letter to the entitlement generation.

I cannot change the ignorance of younger generations. It is not my fault, nor my responsibility that the rest of society has failed these children. I cannot change the fact that members of the younger generation feel that they are right, even when it is glaringly obvious that they are wrong and not only that they are wrong, but that they are completely and utterly stupid, because they defend their factually incorrect positions with phrases like “Whatever.” and then proceed with the argument.

If you claim you are not going to argue, then don’t. That means you have to shut up first. That does not mean you get to say, “I’m not going to argue” and then go on about how you are absolutely right. That’s not how it works. Either you are arguing, or you are not. Commit to one course of action or the other.

If you claim that you are right, maybe you could do something simple like… check wikipedia and post a link to back up your point of view, and then if you should happen to prove yourself wrong, which you will find will happen a LOT more than you think it will right now because you are young and think you know it all, and I know that you do because, believe it or not, I was once young too, then admit it and apologize for being a jerk.… [Read More]

Christmas Garland

When I was a little girl, my mom and dad bought this beautiful garland for our tree. Well, I was eight and I thought it was beautiful. It was red with a red and white gingham check pattern in the middle. It wasn’t like all the other garland that everyone else had and I loved it. On Christmas morning that year, I don’t remember the presents that were under the tree at all. I remember how beautiful it was, I remember that Santa had been there and turned on the lights and made everything look like magic. I remember the awe and the wonder and believing that miracles could happen.

I think I might have gotten a cabbage patch kid that year.

The presents are not important to my thirty something year old mind. I remember the magic the wonder and the love and how the tree was really all about that.… [Read More]

Love and Laughter on Thanksgiving Day

There is a certain joy to be had in celebrating Thanksgiving with one’s family. For 16 years, I have celebrated it apart from my parents and my brother and my aunts and uncles and cousins and extended relatives. I have celebrated it instead, with my two children, my husband and my dog, this year… there is an additional dog in the mix.

Thanksgiving day here is a rather quiet affair. We buy way too much turkey. We have yams and green bean casserole and pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce because these things are required, and I think someone always wants mashed potatoes with turkey gravy too. It’s a lot of food for four people. Generally speaking, the dog gets a fair portion of the turkey, or at least, the previous dog did. Miss Lucy is allergic to turkey. I think we can give her some of the mashed potatoes and a few of the green beans as long as we carefully remove the french fried onions from the casserole before applying it to her food bowl.… [Read More]