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Things I have written, or read about that inspired me and that I hope will inspire you.

The Essential Pieces of Me

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few weeks playing with graphics software for the Mac. Yeah, I know, there’s Photoshop, but I really didn’t want to shell out 800$ for software that I was going to whip out and futz around with four times a year when a mood takes me to redesign my blog logo. That’s really where this all begins… with my blog graphic.… [Read More]

Of Dark Alleys and Childhood Romance

I woke up in the middle of a dream this morning. Somewhere amidst the sound of my daughter knocking on my bedroom door with extreme urgency and the dog whining and nudging my hand to get me out of bed, I remember seeing a face in my dream that I haven’t seen in my dreams since I was in Junior High. I briefly exchanged assurances with my daughter about how I would give her a ride to school since she’d missed the bus and then I sat up and felt like smacking my forehead to see if that would cause brain function to restart.

For the love of God, why was I dreaming about Wil Wheaton? … [Read More]

Johnny and the Popcorn Popper

The world has become an interesting place over the last 15 years. I didn’t know what was going to happen when I looked at the world and wondered what amazing changes were going to take place in my lifetime, but if I had to pick one… I’d say it was the internet.

It has really changed everything that we do and the way we think about doing it. Thus begins the story of Johnny and the Popcorn Popper. I’d like to preface the story by saying that any similarities to persons living or dead, is purely coincidental and almost assuredly, this story was not inspired by people that I follow on twitter or their escapades in the newsroom. Absolutely nothing to do with it. Definitely not. … [Read More]

Libra Girl and the… Bear?

Most mornings, my husband gets my daughter out the door for school and I sleep in a bit until its time to wake up my son and do home school with him. This morning, there was a knock at my bedroom door at the ungodly hour of 7:35. I looked at the clock and said, “What is it?”

I heard this small, scared voice that I don’t normally hear from my teenagers anymore say, “Mom, can you give me a ride to school?”… [Read More]

Shifting Gears

My son will be 16 this year. Normally, I wouldn’t tell you this because I am very private about my children’s identities online, but this time, it’s important for you to understand so I’m going to throw caution to the wind here.

Last week, he went in to take the test to get his learner’s permit. I was at the salon having my hair done at the time, but thankfully for my husband, the DMV was just the next shopping center over, so he took the kid in and the kid passed the test to get his permit on the first run through. At the time, I was so proud. I’d had to take the written test twice before I got my permit, but not my kid. He had studied, he was prepared. So I sent out a text message to everyone in my family and announced his joyous news. Driving is a rite of passage for us after all.… [Read More]