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Poetry I have written and published via the blog.

Prayer for Dawn

Red Dragoon, a buddy I hang out with on a forum, issued a holiday… well… not a challenge, but an activity. We both wrote poems for Halloween and will be posting them on the forum in the off topic threads in the morning, but you… my constant readers, can read mine now.

It is a sestina. A sestina is a poem that is written in six stanzas of six lines each. Each line of each stanza ends in a word that is pre-determined, so you kind of write them like you are solving a word puzzle.

Happy Haunting!

Prayer for Dawn[Read More]

Poetry: Fan Girl

After a day spent listening to my entire collection of Gackt albums (I own his complete discography), I found myself falling asleep a few minutes ago, long enough to just barely start to dream. I don’t often remember my dreams, but this one was a doozie and made me realize that I had spent far too much time immersed in Gackt’s amazing voice today. It took me to another world… another life. When I woke up with my hair looking all ridiculous from having passed out on the dining room table, “Fan Girl” came out. I don’t promise quality here, I was half-awake when I wrote it.

I have to admit, sometimes it is really cool to wake up from a dream of some guy that you are never going to meet, with the most beautiful white wings, whispering to you in a language that you’ve immersed yourself in for the last year.… [Read More]


The more I write, the more I realize that I am a poet and not a short fiction writer. Not so much anyway. The things that set my soul in motion and really make me think and feel, and be… are poems.

Here’s one for you:
“Damn”[Read More]