(Note of reference: Glenn@Instapundit has the Insta-Daughter. I have the Libra Daughter.)

The Libra Daughter has acquired her first musical instrument. It’s a cello. The cello is as big as she is, and she’s incredibly excited about it. Today is her first day at Strings and she can’t wait for the time to come when she gets to go to strings.

I just hope that no damage comes to her or her instrument in this process.

A cellist.. and a saxophonist/clarinetist. Not a singer to be had between them. It’s sad in a way. My whole family is filled with musical talent, and I am the only singer out of the whole bunch. My dad plays clarinet and organ. My mother plays sax and violin. My aunt plays the flute. My brother plays trombone, my cousins were all in band..

My kids get the music thing honest, but… it’s really hard to listen to the Libra Daughter sing in the car. She can’t carry a tune with her vocal chords to save her life.. *sigh*

Good luck today Libra Daughter! Your Gemini Mom is very proud of you 🙂

Update: She made it on the bus with her cello, and didn’t hit anybody in the head. Her friend, who is in strings, sat down next to her on the bus and is helping guard her cello from bullies. It was so cute! I wish I’d gotten a picture.

Updated Update: I should have said that their dad is a talented musician too. He can play guitar, and drums and if you get him drunk enough to sing, he can also carry a tune rather well.