You know… occassionally I write other things besides like… commentary on the random and weird things that pop into my brain. Sometimes I write poetry.

So, here’s a poem for the election year:

Plans are more than ideas.
Ideas are simply the foundation.
Separate, but integral.

Good intentions do not stand alone.
It takes a good act to make them history.
Great acts are never perpetrated
by those who merely have ideas.

Lincoln did not stand on a mere thought.
King had a dream that he made reality.
War and protests.
Laws passed in congress,
in Washington and on the street.

Ideas beget plans.
A plan begets an act.
An act can change the world.
The world records it and calls it history.

Will you give your children an idea alone?
An intangible thing, that merely stands on faith?
Or will you leave them with history?
A history filled with worthy deeds,
upon which they can build their dreams.

The choice is yours.

Copyright 2004, Stacy Jones. All Rights Reserved.