College Student Now Redux

Okay, so me saying that I am going to do this college thing and me actually doing the college thing are two different matters entirely.

Put simply, today I really became a college student, I’ve even got my ID with this goofy picture that says “Get the (insert colorful expletive here) on with it!” I got lots of comments on my blogging this shirt, and so… now I feel compelled to blog my first day at college.

It’s kinda funny how much fun you can have at the *note the sarcasm* bargain… price of tuition and books in the modern era. The class was loads of fun, and Mr. Karl was right, it is loaded with characters. From the quiet, somewhat timid guy with a name that he had to pronounce for the instructors several times, to the chick who sat in front of me that thought my Hello Kitty notebook paper worthy of a chuckle.

My instructors are a complete kick in the pants. One of the ladies comes off as very bright, sunny and happy while the other… at first glance, you think she’s bored, but then she starts to talk. You will never be as excited about poetry as you are when you hear these women discuss the subject. Their enthusiasm rubs off on you in a very good way. I’m really looking forward to learning more in this class.

I thought I would be very nervous and shy like I usually am in such situations, but I actually bothered to speak in class and am looking forward to doing a lot more of that.

The bookstore was an entertaining adventure. I only had to wait in line there for half an hour to get my books. The lady at the register was rather nice in informing me that they usually have someone waiting around in the aisles to get your books for you so she wouldn’t have to walk away from her till. I thanked her at least three times for grabbing the books I had reserved in advance. I also felt like I owed an apology to all the people in line behind me (and the line wound all the way around one half of the bookstore) but didn’t really get a chance.

Mr. Karl was right again, I should have picked up my books last week. I also should have waited a week to get my student ID. While I was waiting in line to get my student ID (which took over an hour mind you) I saw Mr. Karl waltz by through the lounge area, but didn’t feel it would be polite to shout “Hi Karl!” across the room when people were trying to read.

The guy standing in front of me in line made me nervous. Something about him just struck me as being rather scary, even though he was very polite. He was clearly a special needs student, a little slow on the uptake, he had to have my help reading his schedule several times over the course of standing in line. I was grateful that the girl standing behind me kept redirecting the conversation so that neither of us had to talk to him too much.

All in all, it was a good day. I have my first homework assignment this evening, due tomorrow, and it looks like this class will be filled with lots of entertaining, busy activities that should keep me occupied for the quarter. I’m very glad I took it, and I’m very glad that I am a college student now.