Commanding Officer Backs Down on Kerry Slamming

But will this stop the swiftboat vets from running their ad campaign?

Somehow, I think not. This should be some food for thought for people who are considering voting for Kerry because he was a “war hero”. I’m not saying he wasn’t, but… this casts some doubt on his service record.

If you’re really thinking about voting for Kerry for that reason alone, I suggest you do some more research on the man before you make that choice. It looks to me… like the people he served with don’t have a very high opinion of him, and since he’s making a bid to have the entire country serve under him for four years… that’s an opinion I absolutely have to take into consideration, and so should you.

Update: Apparently the story published about Kerry’s commanding officer retracting his statements and support of Swiftboat Veterans Against Kerry is… wholly false. Read more here.