Crocodile Hunter Killed by Stingray

I can’t believe it. You always see guys like Steve Irwin on TV handling these dangerous animals and nothing ever happens to them. I’ve always chalked it up to years of experience working with wildlife, but who knew that one of them would go out like this?

A stingray punctured Irwin’s heart with its barbed tail, their tail spines are loaded with venom. His death was instantaneous. I suppose it just goes to show that we really do not know enough about sea life to muck about with it carelessly.

I do have to say one thing that I find to be very sad. This article about a great zoologist’s passing has misused the word “poison”. A note to everyone: poison is ingested, venom is injected. Irwin would have likely corrected the author himself if he were able.

Rest in peace Crocodile Hunter. My children and I spent many wonderful evenings in front of animal planet learning about animals with you. You will be missed.