Dear God, more Cindy Sheehan?

Peace Mom aims to ramp up “peace surge” after arrest Thursday

I know I have had a lot of things to say about Cindy Sheehan that were simply not positive. If you feel like searching through my blog, you’ll see that many of my earlier posts, that have been pulled over from a previous blogging service, were about her.

At this point though, I just have a few more, short things to say. So, Ms. Sheehan, pay attention please because this might be the most important lecture of your life.

1. President Bush is never going to talk to you. Not now, or ever. You might receive an audience with another president, but that president’s last name will not be Bush. Your efforts at blocking traffic near his ranch in Texas when he’s trying to take a vacation do more to hinder your goals than help them because you’re making him that much more unwilling to speak to you.

2. He’s going to be out of office in two years. Come out in support of your favorite Democratic candidate of choice, because we all know that this is less about your son’s death than it is about the fact that you have used his death to launch yourself into the media so you can gain some sort of political power. Use it, and get on with life please.

3. And this is just in general for everyone interested. If you lose your child and manage to screw up your marriage badly enough in the process of your grief that your spouse divorces you, you need help from a therapist, not the president.

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