Dear Wal-Mart, You and I Are Through.

Every time I have headed up to my local wal-mart shopping center this summer, the savings have NOT been worth the trip.

There are solicitors standing outside trying to sell me girl scout cookies or popcorn tins or otis spunkmeyer cookies or wrapping paper or are trying to get me to sign a petition for some political cause. The ones that REALLY tick me off are the jerks that are standing on the grass with a laundry basket full of puppies stuffed in the bottom of a shopping cart with a sign that says, “AKC Puppies! 250$”

The AKC could go a long, long way toward stopping this practice by sending out paperwork to every dipwad that has a puppy that informs them about local low cost spay and neuter programs in the area, but I’ll take the AKC to task some other time.

I’m here to talk to you about wal-mart.

I am FED up with being bombarded with some form of social ineptitude every time I walk through the doors of that place. It is NOT worth the 2$ I save on a 24 pack of soda there to put up with some dork shouting at me through my open car window “Come see the puppies!” or stopping me from getting inside the store and then stopping me from leaving.

Every summer it’s like this. I do NOT have these problems at Target. I do not have these problems at Shopko. Heck, I do not have these problems anywhere except wal-mart! The reason I don’t run into these problems elsewhere is because other stores are pro-active about telling these people that they cannot use their property as a place to sell their stuff. Heck, Target is VERY careful about not allowing any political cruft to color its company image. It just flat out refuses to tolerate anyone showing up on their front doors and as a result, the place is always a nicer shopping experience.

It’s not worth it.

I do NOT save enough money at Walmart over shopping at my local grocery to have to put up with someone shouting “Hey baby, hey baby yo!” at me when I walk through the freaking door.

I wish I could say that I will miss our business relationship but I’m just going to be honest.

I won’t.