Death Ray!

So, during my hiatus from writing about current events, I decided I needed a break from my family too. I went out with a friend yesterday and did… well… girl things.

We wandered around the mall, bought some anime, bought some clothes… bought some new smells. And during all of this, every time we stopped at a stop light, someone would invariably try to hit my car from one angle or another.

Being the mothers of two very gifted young boys, we made a decision.

We need a death ray.

We need them to build this thing and mount it to the roof of my car, so that in the future when some idiot comes along and tries to broadside me, we can look at him and go, “Thinking about hitting my car are you? I think not.” *NEEM! Paft! Pile of dust.. accident avoided*

Man.. that would be so cool.

Not like I actually wish death on anyone though. Maybe we just need a car dematerializing ray… instead of a death ray. But… car dematerializing doesn’t sound anywhere near as cool as “DEATH!”