Death Wish

I know that not everyone wants to know this, but it is important to my story. See… I am PMS’ing this week. My PMS is brutal. My husband wants me to get on medication for it, except they can’t put me on medication for it (I have adverse reactions to birth control and all those warnings that they say women shouldn’t be or do when they’re on the pill… I do or am almost all of them).

This is Mugen’s second run-in with me on PMS.

I love my puppy, I can’t count how many times have I logged on to the off topic threads on the MINI forum to gush about some innocuous and cute little thing that he did. Any other week out of the month, this dog is awesome. But not this week.

It started two days ago. Mugen started chewing at a spot in my carpet nervously… it was almost compulsive. So I corrected him with a firm no, grabbed the lemon juice and moved on. But he kept going back to the same spot and eventually I had to crate him, clean the carpets and reapply lemon juice. This was not a fool proof method. I don’t know why he is obsessed with this spot. I’ve thought about duct taping it, but I think he would try to eat the duct tape.

Flash forward to yesterday. I got out of bed and he was seriously bossy with me. I’m not entirely sure what was going on, but it took him 15 minutes to settle down and give up the crying so I could get him out of the puppy pen after my shower. Perhaps he senses that I know he has outgrown the puppy pen and he will be moving to his crate for overnights this weekend?

After this, for the entire day, he nipped me over and over and over again over a period of several hours, until finally I hit the stage where I was done. I gave him a firm “Enough!” and then got up and left the room to hang out with my hubby. Mugen responded to this by following me and biting my foot… hard. My son had to come into the room and scoop him up and take him out of my sight for a few minutes because I was just furious. We have done this a hundred times, he’s never bitten me before. Why now all the sudden?

So, after I calmed down, I sat down with the family to watch some TV before bed and Mugen would not let up. He began systematically attacking my legs while I was watching the show and eventually ended up tearing two holes in my pants and left a bruise on my thigh and this is when I looked at my husband and son and said, “I’m leaving… our dog has a death wish.” So Viola and I took off to DQ.

He was his normal self after I came back. My son was in the front yard with him and he said that I was exuding negative energies (yes, he’s been watching the Dog Whisperer) and that I need to be more careful because Mugen feeds off of these energies.

I just shook my head and said, “If he wants to live, he’ll get used to it.” I could almost see the comment on my son’s face which said, “If HE wants to live? What about us!?” but he didn’t say it.

I just shook my head and went back inside.