Debate: Semi-Live Blogging

We’re now 12 minutes into the debate and Kerry has yet to impress me. Jim Lehrer has just asked a question that invited Senator Kerry to attack the president. “What collossal misjudgments do you feel the president has made?” His first comment on the 9-11 commission finding no connections to 9-11 and Iraq was ridiculous. Iraq wasn’t about 9-11. It was about preventing another one. Kerry totally missed that point. Bush has made an excellent rebuttal point, “Anyone who thinks the world is not a safer place with Saddam Hussein out of power does not have the judgment to be president.” Kerry nodded his head as the president said this.


Bush makes an excellent point about the war on terror being something that is fought on many fronts, not on a single front and to not understand that is to not understand the war on terror.

Kerry just commented on how Bush sent men to Iraq without the body armor they needed… but um.. didn’t Kerry vote against sending them there without the equipment they needed? Will check his voting record on this later.

Oh… Bush comments on him voting against that equipment later, after voting in favor of the war… and makes an excellent point about how allies are not going to follow a leader into a war that he feels is the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time.

And shoots down Kerry’s comments about a lack of UN participation and a lack of coalition members. And makes a good point about not achieving our objective if we send mixed signals.

I’m still not seeing HOW Kerry is going to accomplish anything in his grand scheme. I’m listening to him shoot down Bush’s plans… but hey, at least Bush HAS plans and what’s this bullshit about war not being a last resort?

We TRIED diplomacy with Hussein and it didn’t do jack shit for us… and how exactly do you understand how to reach the muslim world Senator Kerry? How do you plan to do this? What are you going to do with it?

And Bush is agreeing with Kerry’s prior comments on how it was necessary to succeed in Iraq… and Kerry’s nodding his head in agreement with him, even though he just spoke to the contrary.

“The only thing that’s been consistent about my opponent is that he’s inconsistent.” – Bush.

Very direct and to the point. This is something I have always admired about the president.

But the best comment of the evening comes from Angel, a fellow Random Gemini:

“Kerry’s got *the* worst hair! It’s like a motorcycle helmet of wrong! Ya know, some gel or a wet comb would help that.”

Overall.. there’s no clear winner of this debate in my mind, but Kerry did present himself well. Still, I don’t have a clear vision of what Kerry is going to do if elected. I suppose I was expecting too much when I expected that of this debate.