Democrats Fiat Vote on Welfare for Illegal Aliens

This first made the news on Thursday, so I’m behind the times but… I just want to say to the democrats in congress that you guys are scum.

You cheated the system to get a vote that would take money from tax paying citizens of this country, so that you could give it to people who can’t even be bothered to take a fucking test to become citizens and pay taxes so that they qualify for aid.

For God’s sake, what makes you think that our government can support people who don’t pay into the system that’s paying out to them? What in the hell makes you think we have room for this?

What makes you think that you have the support of the American people on this? The polls say you don’t. Maybe you should read them every once in a while.

I have never voted blanket, across the board for one party on a ballot before. Never.

I will be doing so this year. Not a single democrat who was sitting in congress when this incident of a bill failing, and a re-vote being taken to forcibly pass a bill that the American people do not want which is against the voting rules, not a single god damned one of you deserves to receive another vote from another American.

You betrayed The United States of America for your selfish politics. You were not thinking about the United States last week. If you weren’t thinking about it then, when do you think about it exactly? When does the will of the people actually matter to you? If it didn’t matter last week, I suspect that it has never actually mattered and each and every one of you are the worst public servants ever elected.

You should all step down for caring more about yourselves and your politics than about the people you represent. I wish we could impeach senators and congressmen by popular vote. Things in DC would be very different if they actually had someone to answer to for the choices they make.