Densha Otoko

In my Japanese class this quarter, I was introduced to a Japanese television series called Densha Otoko, or Train Man. The story is sweet and wonderful. The main character is an Otaku. Otaku in Japan are loosely what we might think of as a geek, the primary difference between geeks and otaku is that otaku are more socially outcast than geeks are here in America, and they’re geeky to a level that is almost disturbing.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to finish watching Densha Otoko in class, so I got a copy of the series and finished watching the rest of it today as a way to celebrate the end of my quarter and the completion of finals.

They don’t make television shows like this in North America anymore. It’s a truly wonderful story, sweet, romantic and so purely innocent and beautiful that you find yourself falling in love with the characters. It’s the kind of thing you could actually sit down and watch with the kids, and have your whole family enjoy.

I spent the whole show rooting for Densha along with his pals on the forum in the show. It was a great ride. Probably the best live action, non-anime title I’ve seen come out of Japan. So good, in fact, that I want more.

Man that was good.