Diana is a good friend of mine. After a long battle with cancer, chemotherapy knocked her immune system out of commission. She came down with spinal meningitis about five weeks ago, and they managed to beat it out of her system with antibiotics, but the antibiotics caused a series of yeast infections which eventually caused kidney failure and a host of other problems.

To make a long story short, she didn’t end up beating it. She was taken off life support and passed away quietly this weekend, as per her living will. Her ashes will be scattered in the Mississippi River.

Diana Probus was a wonderful writer and artist who inspired hundreds of people over the years. Her support and kindness kept me going when things got rough. I miss her terribly and I pray for her and her family as they celebrate her life in the weeks to come.

Why am I telling you all about this? Well, Diana was one of my many gemini sisters. I ask that each and every one of my readers keep a good thought for her and her family.