Dining Room Play by Play

So here it is, officially day two of my spring break.. and how am I spending it? Fixing the icky drywall that was revealed during the wallpaper removal process yesterday. I ran out to my local home improvement store and went to talk to someone about the supplies I needed and there was no one over there to help me. Thankfully a nice man, who did not work at the store, stopped and answered my questions. He helped me get everything I needed and even led me to a wood filler that I could use to repair the gouges in the baseboards, without having to repaint them. Then it was on to paint chips.

I think my husband was confused when I said “yellow” as I was talking to him about the paint. I’m positive he was thinking sunshine and the centers of daisies when I said it, but that’s really not what I was thinking at all. After I prime, I’ll check out the paint chips in the space to see how they look and if I don’t like them.. back to the home improvement store for more!

Um.. that’s really all in the news today. I think I will be spending my afternoon priming the walls and prepping them for paint and that’s really… it. I’ll post pictures of the new dining room when it’s finished.