Dog Fart!

I’ve had to adjust the routine since Lucy came home. It’s been rough actually but any time you have to settle into a new routine, it’s hard. So I get up at 6 am. I have the daughter attempt to take Lucy out, which does not work, for some reason, Lucy will only do her business when I’m standing outside with her which I am totally okay with now that I’ve realized it, but my kids would take her out and would forget to tell me that she didn’t go. You can imagine what a fiasco this has been.

Poor Lucy has been a brave soldier through all of this and is a very happy girl. I love coming downstairs in the mornings to her doggie smile and “bump, bump, bump” of her tail against my wall. I tried to get Lucy to sleep in my daughter’s room. I even put her bed in there, but Lucy went back downstairs to her spot on the floor next to the papasan in the parlor. I think she likes that spot because it’s centrally located and the front window is right above it… and the window seat has a whole ton of pillows so if the dog bed gets flat, she can sleep on the pillows on the window seat.

So… back to the important stuff, the routine.

So after I’ve had a shower, I take the dogs out to potty. Mugen first because by this time, the poor kid is bursting. Then Lucy. I’d rather do it the other way around, but Mugen’s bladder just isn’t big enough to last the 10 minutes that it takes Lucy to do her thing. I know… I’ve attempted this very thing. It doesn’t work, so we do it this way for now.

After a potty, everyone eats breakfast. Lucy doesn’t mind if Mugen watches her eat, but if he gets too close to her bowl, she curls her lip up in a snarl so I continue to feed them separately. It’s just safer. After breakfast, out to potty again and THEN, finally… then… I have time to drink my coffee and log on and check the forums. This is usually by about 9 am.

While I am doing this, Lucy and Mugen are rolling around on the floor next to me, making almost no noise other than the occasional pant. When they’re done, they both end up slurping down a bowl of water a piece and then Mugen comes over to drool about half of his bowl onto my leg.

Today, we hit this point in the routine. Mugen and Lucy are wrestling around, tails wagging. They’re having a great time. I’m reading through the updates on Herb-B (Pink is the new black my man!) and Miss Sunny Mouse (I hope she comes back Patty) and then I hear this very loud fart. This is the loudest dog fart I have ever heard in the history of my owning dogs.

I look up and Mugen and Lucy have stopped playing. They are staring at each other, then Lucy and Mugen both look at Lucy’s bum. They stare at it for at least five seconds and then Mugen turns around, licks his tail and then he opens his mouth and grabs Lucy’s cheek and the game begins again.

I am left speechless. All I am able to do is chuckle at first, and then I wondered why Lucy had had gas… and then I remembered that I’m switching her food. I probably need to slow that transition down a bit.

And here I am… moving on with my day.

I once said that I didn’t think Mugen was a goofball and that I thought Lucy was a sophisticated lady. Most days, this is true.

But NOT Today!!!