Dude… He’s a f***in’ Serial Killer.

It’s time to accept the fact that society created a monster who killed someone you loved more than a decade ago, and let his family have the darned money from his house. It’s bad enough that they have to live with the social stigma of being related to one of society’s greatest banes. Money isn’t going to give you your loved one back, and you have no right to have a serial killer improve your quality of life.

He’s a SERIAL KILLER! He killed people for FUN! Do you think that he was so successful in society that he had any assets worthy of being sold off to give you cash? Maybe a pair of furlined hand-cuffs, and I’m sure his butcher knife was top notch, but other than that… I sincerely doubt that he had anything worthy of a court order to stop the sale of.

I just love the sue or be sued mentality that’s grown in our nation.