Pinpricks of Light

Random Prose written in 2002.

The moon was as red as blood and the stars that lit the night were not from the sky, but from the city below. I stared into the haze filled purple expanse of sky and wondered at it. How small we all are. Each pinprick of light in the valley below me represented a light on someone’s house. Each pinprick represented a few people. How small they all are. I gazed into the inky blackness that surrounded the earth and wondered at the lives that lay beyond me.

How do we make it through our lives? How is it that we manage to live every day in our two story houses with three bedrooms, one and a half baths and fenced in yard? How can we live in boundaries that are so small, when our hearts and our minds yearn for something larger than that?

Above me, the pulsating ebb and flow of power lines invaded the silence of the night. It invaded this one, perfect moment and shattered it. It reminded me of the world around me, rather than the peaceful dream that I so desperately wanted to believe.

When I was young, I believed that everything was possible. All I had to do was want it enough. While I cannot admit to being poor, or being alone, I am most certainly lonely. There are no kindred souls surrounding me, permeating me with constant thought. Only one ever-constant presence of love and support regardless of what I do. By our standards, this should be enough.

What I lack, and what we all lack in truth is a sense of togetherness. We are missing a sense of community. Something has left our lives in the past fifty years, that was so precious to us, but we didn’t even realize we’d lost it until it was gone.

Now we spend our lives trying to fill the void in our hearts with material things. Measures of wealth and status will not make a soul complete. Only companionship, the touch of one human hand upon another, can give us this sense of completion.

I wish that I had seen this before. I wish that this very epiphany had knocked on my doorstep ten years ago. I see the world so much more clearly now than I ever could have before.

Our world is slowly becoming a sewer of materialism and need. We spend our lives denying that what we truly need, at the end of the day, is each other. What a sad and lonely existence we all lead. Nothing binds us or connects us. Just like those tiny pinpricks of light on the horizon. Alone, and separate for eternity, never to join and become one.