So.. today started out pretty bad. I had no clean clothes this morning except for my long, black skirt which I don’t really wear except for clothing emergencies. Then my daughter had a wardrobe malfunction this morning, so I just barely skated out the door in time for class. I got to class today and had time to go take my math test.Then I went to the cafe and got a latte, sat it down on the floor next to my backpack and the next thing I knew, it had exploded and my backpack is now stained with white chocolate mocha. So after that, I went off to hook up with a gal from my psych class so we could talk about our group presentation (due in just over a week) when…

“Please move 300 feet away from the building!” blared over a bullhorn next to our heads. So we walked away from the building, and then were told to head to our vehicles for our personal safety and to be on guard. So we freaked out, of course. We thought there was a bomb threat or something else really scary.

It took an hour to get off campus because the roads surrounding the campus were absolutely packed… mostly because it took the police department that long to show up and direct traffic. Only one of the intersections on campus actually has a stop light, the other three are uncontrolled, so it really required traffic direction to get the campus completely evacuated.

Turns out, it’s the first time since the campus opened that the campus has been completely evacuated and all classes were cancelled, and it was all thanks to a downed powerline. I wondered why the people on the bullhorns kept telling us to be careful on our way home due to the inclement weather….

Somehow, I don’t think it had much to do with the weather, it wasn’t windy at all. It was just kind of wet and icky, and there was an occassional sprinkling of hail.

So… does anyone know if swiss army backpacks are machine washable?