Every Tweeter’s Nightmare: Scheduled Down Time

So… here I am. Twitter is down for scheduled maintenance and I have nothing to do. I feel like I used to in the days when our Internet access would go out because the phone company was working on the lines in the area. Naked, useless, listless, alone and worst of all…

…I am so bored that I think my head is going to start spinning.

In order to keep myself entertained, I had planned to clean the house, but for some reason I am glued to my mac. I can’t seem to get the motivation to get away and pick up socks out of the family room floor because well… twitter’s down and waiting for it to come back up just seems like THE thing to do! I mean after all, there are people that @replied to me just before Twitter went offline and dammit! I have to answer them! I MUST!!!

Or… I could just be completely insane.

Twitter has now been down for almost an hour and so far, to occupy myself I have engaged in the following activities, none of which involve cleaning my house:

1. Found a bottle of coke zero in the fridge.
2. Opened the aforementioned bottle.
3. Drank it.
4. Decided to eat lunch.
5. Made ramen.
6. Let ramen cook so long that all the water *almost* but not quite boiled away.
7. Ate resulting noodle conglomeration only to discover it was quite tasty!
8. Stared at my mac some more.
9. Resolved to hang out on North American Motoring until outage was over.
10. Got bored with that.
11. Grabbed peanut butter whoppers out of bread box.
12. Am now eating peanut butter whoppers.
13. Writing this blog post…

Dear God… it’s pathetic isn’t it?

Laugh if you will, but I promise, one day you will be here. Facebook will go down for scheduled maintenance and you will turn to the twitterverse to save you from a fate worse than sysadmins and Twitter… will not save you.

Count on it.