Evolutionary Debate

Again we’re arguing over whether evolution should be taught in schools along side Intelligent Design theory… *which is the theory that digestive systems are not explained with Evolutionary theory, so they must have been designed by an intelligent being* (thanks for the correction Dave, though it doesn’t really change my point at all, this is further outlined in the comments.)

Look… Intelligent Design, while a nice idea, in our day and age simply isn’t a feasible idea in my opinion. I’m a Christian, though by no means have I ever been devout, and yet, I don’t find evolution theory to be in conflict with my beliefs– largely because scientists have been unable to prove what the catalyst for the Big Bang was. The heaviest support for the Big Bang lies in mathematics, and that support can’t see past the beginning of time. This is why the big bang is still a theory and I believe that that catalyst, the thing that set the universe and time in motion was God. (You may choose to believe that this was Buddah or Allah or Jehova or… what have you, but the idea behind it is still the same).

Evolution theory is all but proven. And for something as intricate, complex and beautiful as a creature that can adapt to its surroundings and evolve to take advantage of its environment, how is it difficult to allow this idea to become a part of your beliefs?

I wish that I didn’t have an answer to that question, but the sad truth is, I do. It’s difficult to allow anything to become a part of your belief structure until there is no feasible means to refute it because people tend to believe everything they read, down to the cores. It’s hard for a person of faith to believe that it’s possible for the authors of the book of Genesis to be wrong, simply because it’s not what they want to believe.

If you think about it, that’s what faith is really about… what you choose to believe.