Factless Blogging?

You know… I’ve been reading a lot about this in the blogosphere lately. First Walter Cronkite puts down blogging, and now the New York Times.

The truth of the matter is, a lot of the news stories that you have seen in the past year, would never have made the news if not for the blogosphere. The Nick Berg Video, albeit a rather horrendous thing, would never have made it to the major media outlets, if not for bloggers.

On the debate team in high school, I was always taught that one should have evidence to back up one’s claims. So if you make a point, you present a piece of evidence to back it up. Pretty simple.

Our links to undercovered stories that everyone should be reading in their daily newspapers are our evidence as bloggers. Bloggers don’t write the news. We simply provide a medium for the average web surfer to find more of the news that they should be reading in their daily newspapers, but that big media seems to be desperately trying to keep a lid on.

To discredit blogging like this is simply another means for big media to take a stab at something they cannot control. They cannot control or silence the blogosphere.

More and more people every day are reading blogs and obtaining their information on all manner of topics from them. These people are searching for the truth, not the spin. Big Media should really catch onto this fact and, as opposed to shooting down the blogosphere, try to find out why their readers/viewers are turning to it as an alternative form for getting the news.