Fahrenheit 9/11 Gets Slapped with an ‘R’

And it’s my guess that it’s justified.

Michael Moore’s new film was given an ‘R’ rating for violence and foul language, but Mr. Moore would really like to get it downgraded to PG-13.

I think Mr. Moore has forgotten why the ratings system exists. The ratings system is there as a guideline for parents and people of various religions to use to determine weather or not a particular film meets with their standards. Not to determine who gets into the show and who doesn’t. That choice, ultimately lies with the viewer and in the case of minors, the viewer’s parents.

I also take particular issue with a statement made in the article by the president of IFC entertainment. First off, how many 13 year old kids do you know that are watching the nightly news over their parents’ shoulder? And, even the nightly news has standards. If they are going to show images that could be considered disturbing… they tell you so. You don’t walk into a PG-13 movie expecting to see disturbing images. No one does.

I can appreciate Mr. Moore’s point, but all the same, until these children are of the legal age of majority which movies they see or don’t see simply isn’t up to them. PG-13 or not. Either way, I suspect that a lot of 15 and 16 year olds will be told by their parents, “I don’t want you to go see that movie.” and there isn’t a damned thing your PG-13 rating will do about that.