Farewell Polaris

For those of you who don’t know… polaris is my server. I went back to working nights for a company that I found to be immoral so that I could buy polaris.

It was booted up for the first time in May of 1997. As purchased, it was a pentium 200 with a 4 gig hard drive, 256 meg of ram, and not much else going for her. With these older machines, it’s impossible to get them to boot off modern hard drives with capacities reaching into insanity. So, after many tries of repartitioning blank drives, and various and sundry other things to keep her limping along, she finally gave up the ghost this evening, at approximately 5:30 pm.

It’s the end of a technological era for me. There’s something about that box… it represents something much more to me than just a piece of hardware. There are a lot of memories attached to that box that I just don’t think I have enough space on this blog to share with you all. Most of all, that machine represents the first thing that I did for myself, that I wanted to do after the kids were born. I wanted to run an IRC server. That crappy job and that machine made that dream come true. It was a fun time.

*paints her new server’s walls polaris blue.. for posterity.*

Update: It didn’t die. My husband has managed to blow the magic blue smoke back into the case so that it will run for a little while longer! W00hoo!