Feeling the burn..

.. in more ways than one.

Today I began lifting weights again. I’ve been feeling like crap and my summer clothes don’t fit right. I hope I can take off enough weight by the time I really need the summer clothes. I’m not feeling the burn so much from that though, I did some stretches and then some extra stretches to make sure I wouldn’t be in pain in the morning.

The real burn is from my own stupid mistakes. I let myself get behind in astronomy. This is what happens when you take telecourses alongside classroom courses. The classroom courses get the priority because the telecourse stuff can always be done, “later”. The trouble comes when you fail to define exactly when “later” is.

I now have two days before the first exam, and I let myself get behind on three whole chapters out of the four that will be on the test. I did the viewing early on, but failed to get around to doing all the workbook exercises and reading the chapters until.. *drum roll* today.

I have spent the last five hours working on those workbook exercises and drilling myself on a whole bunch of information for the class. Then I will spend tomorrow writing the one page report due on Wednesday because I failed to stop in at the library today before I came home. Then I get to go through the study guide and make sure I understand every concept in extremely tiny print on the front side of a sheet of paper.

Wednesday, test time. Wish me luck with my cramming and pray for me. I still haven’t done my homework for Women Writers.