First Day of class…

…. and man I wish I’d studied over the break. She gave us a quiz in Japanese today. It took me a while to get back into the groove. Man it’s amazing how much you lose if you don’t practice. We’re learning katakana this quarter and in her words, “lots of kanji”. I love kanji, so that’s fine by me. The kanji we learned last quarter stayed in my brain way better than hiragana did, in spite of my work with flash cards.

My literature class was a lot like the first day of women writers with her asking us what literature was. I stayed pretty quiet because I wanted to hear what other people had to say this time around, but when she started asking us if Harlequin romance novels were literature, I had to raise my hand and say no. I am like the next girl, I like a good harlequin romance every once in a while, but because they are fun to read, not because I’m trying to stretch my boundaries with reading or because I want to get something out of them. They’re just a fun way to pass the time. I only get in the mood to read one about once every decade so I figure a little bubble gum for the brain is okay every now and then.

In my lit class, we’re doing an individual author project again, but this time I’m not limited to choosing a woman to write about. She also didn’t say that it had to be something we’ve never read before. I’m torn between choosing Ray Bradbury and Pearl S. Buck. I’ve got books by both authors that I haven’t finished reading and wanted to finish reading. Seems like a good excuse to finish reading those books. I just have to decide weather I’m going to present my author, or write a paper instead. I tend to do better with writing papers, but the presentation might challenge me a bit more. We’ll see. It would probably be fun to do a presentation on Ray Bradbury.

Anyway… that’s the update for today. I hope that everyone had a wonderful new year!