First Day of Class

So, here it is, winter quarter. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since fall quarter ended. First class, 7:30 am. American History. *groan* My instructor, while a kind and generous person is rather… well… how does one put this nicely?


Otherwise, this class is going to be so easy that it will almost not be worth taking. But.. here I am. I think I am going to try to transfer into World History before the week is out, but I may get stuck with the class. Cross your fingers for me.

Second class, last class of today (I’m taking another class but it only meets 3x a week) French 101. My instructor is a cute little Asian woman. I was kind of thrown off by this, but then she started speaking. The first half of the class was conducted entirely in French. It came flooding back pretty fast, and I realized why I got the highest score on the French AP test in the country the year I graduated. I’ve already had so much French that you can’t beat it out of my brain if you try. But, since I can’t take Japanese and have it qualify toward my humanities credits, I have to take one of the classic languages… so here I am.. in French 101.

Tomorrow… health 101. Man… I wish they’d let you test out of some of this stuff. This is the quarter where I get to suck it up, be bored, do the homework and get my credits and move on to more interesting crap.

Wish me luck!