Gary Gygax, Father of D&D, Dies.

I wasn’t sure. Early reports on this came from Troll Lord Games’ forums, where people were posting that Gygax had passed, but nothing official had come out just yet. Then I came upon the story at a Wisconsin TV station, where Gygax lived with his wife. His wife confirmed his passing to the associated press… and there it is…

Gary Gygax, the man who co-designed Dungeons and Dragons, believed to be the very first roleplaying game, is dead. He was 69 years old, and at the time of his death was still writing adventures for D&D, even though he was no longer working on the core rules for D&D itself. Gygax and Arneson’s creation changed the world. It certainly changed my world. Gygax was certainly not one of my favorite characters in the gaming industry. It had been rumored for years that Gygax was a misogynist, among other major character flaws. In spite of these things, I can’t deny his contribution to my life. This man and his game certainly changed the way I see the world and the way I spend time with my friends.

He’s gone now and I am grateful that he was here. I’m grateful for what he gave us because life would never be the same without D&D. Rest in peace.