Gay Marriage

There’s been a lot of buzz about the fact that several states voted down gay marriage issues by a majority vote of 20% on average.

I’ve done some talking with my friends and classmates on the matter, and I’ve come to the following conclusion. I have no problem with gay marriage. That’s right, I’m a conservative voter, with generally conservative views and I have no problem with gay marriage.

I imagine the polls would show that this issue was not split along party lines for the most part. The simple truth is that American society is not yet ready to live with gay marriage as a fact of life. It is not ready to have homosexuality become such a ready part of society that our children will grow up never understanding that there is a difference between gay or straight people, just like they don’t understand the differences between colors of skin anymore.

On a personal note, I don’t understand that difference. I have no problem with Sally and Sue if they want to get married. But I do have one word of concern about legalizing gay marriage, and it is really a minor concern, and isn’t truly political in its nature.

My concern, is that so many gay couples will be so happy that they can get married, that they won’t stop to think about weather or not they should get married. For every couple that goes out and gets hitched simply because they can, I am sure there are just as many that will go that have put a lot of thought into it beforehand. The thing is, marriage is a commitment for life. It’s really not something you should go into lightly, and you really need to take some time and determine weather or not that choice really benefits your happiness in the future, not just how you feel in that specific moment.

Homosexuality has been a fact of human existence for at least as long as there has been written history. I see no societal damage or potential harm in recognizing that it exists. Nor do I see any harm in allowing those couples who have taken the time to really think about what is going to make them happy to get married.

I don’t see what the big deal is in letting gay couples get married. Any other questions that remain boil down to decisions the couples need to make for themselves, and are truly none of our business.