General Run Down.

I haven’t been reading the news very much. I did hear some stuff about Russia shipping out Hussein’s arms. There’s apparently an article about it in the Washington Times. (hat tip: JustusForAll.) Way scary. Particularly if it’s true. I wonder how much we really want foreign countries involved in our attempts at peace in light of this news.

I also heard about some stuff going on with the Serbs and Croats again. Apparently, five years after we turned over control of the elections to the UN, they still can’t pull it off. Five years, and they still haven’t had elections… and people think it’s wise to let the UN become involved in our electoral process as well as let it handle the elections in Iraq? What kind of crack are they smoking?

My hubby posted some stuff on getting sick of the spin in the news. I agree. I’m sick of the spin in the news too. I’m voting Tuesday. Y’all need to get out and do the same. Get out of your lazyboy, put down the remote and get out and vote.

More over, I’m not so great a poet. But that’s okay, I write better fiction than most of the people in my english class, so I’m good with that. Maybe I’ll write a book before college is over. That’d be keen.

And one more thing… Nome started this blog type thinger. You should check it out.